Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Worthless Endorsements

Here is who I want to see elected in the upcoming Congressional and Senate Races in New Mexico.

First, I hope Steve Pearce beats Heather Wilson for obvious reasons. He will be easier to beat in the General Election in November. He is truly a right wing radical. I think Tom Udall will make a great Democratic Western Senator and I know he will be forceful on all issues regarding renewable energy, landscape protection and climate change.

I want Martin Heinrich to win his Congressional seat because he is simply the best person to serve us and he will put up a great campaign against Sheriff Darren White who loves all things george bush.

I am going with Ben Ray Lujan in the Northern District because of his outstanding record on environmental issues while a member of the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission. He got the New Mexico Conservation Voters Alliance endorsement, as did Martin Heinrich.

Down South I am torn between Harry Teague and Bill McCamley. They are both good people although Teague probably has a better shot at winning the General Election.

What I do not endorse is the nasty campaigning by Congressional candidate Benny Shendo in which he tries to out Ben Ray Lujan as being gay. Who cares? We should never forgive Shendo for this. Shame!

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