Sunday, May 25, 2008

Picnic Photos As Therapy

We just finished watching HBO's "Recount". It is about the counting of votes from the election in Florida that stole the 2000 election from Al Gore and gave it to george bush. It was a good tale and I am sure it will open old wounds. It has with me. I got so angry with it all over again I decided to work on these photos as a means of therapy. I love taking pictures of kids. I took along my Nikon to my brothers for Bar-B-Q today. I wanted to get some new pictures on John and Lisa Newell's kids. They are really photogenic. John and Lisa are my brother's wife sister and husband. He manufactures great jewelry and she is a hotshot computer programmer. These photos turned out great.

Anya-7 years old

Ian-10 years old

Amanda-12 years old


kit said...

These are some beautiful children. Their eyes...they're so inquisitive.

Dr. Know said...

I moved to Florida to escape the filthy Newt Gingriches of Cobb County, GA in 1993, and lived through the Florida election debacle. Even got a copy of the horrible GEMS software (bought by Diebold) from an election board associate as they were stuffing the state with BushCo hacks, not to mention Jeb. I moved to New Jersey to escape the lot of them - at least until winter came. ;-) (I'm a warm weather kind of guy.)

I have been looking at New Mexican blogs, as I have contemplated moving there, and ran across your site. Pretty heady background you have!