Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sniffing Around

I got a decent picture of our marauding raccoon last night. Bobbi wants to give him a name and so we will call him "Attilla the Coon" in honor of his raiding ways. He was sniffing around the cat food supplies again. Much like all of the candidates are spending this weekend sniffing out last minute votes for Tuesday's Primary Election. Bobbi and I already voted so all the last minute TV ads will mean nothing to us.

I kind of chuckle at the last minute endorsement of Heather Wilson by Pete Domenici. An awful lot of people out there just don't care who is running to go to Congress as a bush loving supporter, and that is what Heather Wilson and Steve Pearce are. They are both right wing war mongers who don't deserve our trust or support.

I think Pearce will win the Primary handily. I think he will have a hard time getting a lot of Albuquerque votes that Heather might have received had she been the nominee. Tom Udall will have an easier time of it with Pearce. It should all be interesting.

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EbNflo said...

I just watched a segment on one of the Animal Planet shows in which a woman had one varmit (raccoon) one day and then within one week... she had over 30! Those little guys have a very advanced communication system and you will be overrun in no time.
I'd suggest closing your garage door for a while until the word gets out that vittles are gone! ;)
Good luck with that...