Thursday, May 01, 2008

Religion Everywhere

The newspapers today are filled with religion based stories. The Albuquerque Journal website has three major stories on religious cults, ministers and their politics today.

The Bishop in Gallup is resigning after a highly bizarre episode in which he claimed he was beaten. After recuperation for a year he had some more 'episodes' and finally left his position.

Then there is the nut case cult leader up in Northeastern New Mexico who apparently has achieved mind control over his 50 followers and might be messing with young girls. The locals say they are pretty nice people but they notice the cult has now cut itself off from the outside world. Not a good sign. (The Journal's reporting on this was quite good.)

And then there is more hammering of Obama for having a pastor who is a world class egotist and conspiracy theorist. Well, Obama certainly isn't the first person to have a 'mental' for a pastor but since he is black and running for President it is bad. The Journal had a very thoughtful and absolutely correct editorial this morning on that issue. Even so, it seems the ignorant American public is looking on Obama poorly because of this. Incredible.

I guess my point is that religion is taking up a lot of media space these days while more important things that are really affecting us are taking a toll. I imagine this is what the Kings and Clerics in the middle ages did too. Find and enemy and start a crusade. It takes peoples minds off the real issues. Think of Hillary as King Richard the Lion Hearted slaughtering the infidels. Oh wait, george bush is already doing that.

I have a feeling that Obama has probably bottomed out now and should start his rebound. In a way it is good he has been pummeled like this because it tempers him for the swift boating that will surely come.

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