Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Three People

I was reading somewhere the other day that in a persons lifetime they are really three different people. We change personalities. I believe that is true. I think that is what has happened to Hillary Clinton. I am sure her first personality was as a bright and intellectual young woman from good Ivy League schools. Then she became a smart political ally of her husband Bill and saw to it that he was elected President. Now in her third personality she has become a pandering, below average, desperate politico who feels nothing is too low to stoop towards to win her election. She started high and is ending low. Real low. I say this because of her pandering on the gas tax relief that will do nothing but harm. She is attacking Obama for not doing the same. It is disgusting and it will probably work. Not what I was looking for in a leader.

So, my prediction is that she will win Indiana but not by much and she will lose North Carolina to Obama. This means her new low personality will endure for a couple of more months and that her negativity will continue to hurt the party. I hope I am wrong.

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