Friday, June 20, 2008

Bad Acts

A Federal District Judge has said that prior 'bad acts' can be considered in the trial of Senator Manny Aragon etal. in the Metro Court Scandal. One of the key players in that affair was Mayor Martin Chavez' friend, Architect Marc Schiff. If those bad acts are considered, one of them should be the whole process around the design and execution of the construction of the Albuquerque Balloon Museum. I got a rather long letter from a long time employee of the city who laid out some incredible actions that were taken on that project. Here is an excerpt.

"When Marty came back after Jim Baca’s term, it was open humor around City Hall that “Marc(Schiff) got back his key to City Hall.
Here’s how it works, if you have an unethical architect.
It’s best to start with an architecturally na├»ve client.
(This describes the majority of clients and the Balloon
Museum board was certainly that in spades.) Pay little
attention to program. This, many experienced clients and
good architects will argue, is perhaps the most important
part of any successful project. (The Balloon Museum board
had no experience here, and largely rejected or ignored
things I and others suggested. They were ripe for the

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