Thursday, June 26, 2008


This guy has gotten more done in International relations than bush/cheney have done in eight years. Of course, bush/cheney did lots of bad things. Governor Richardson, you should appoint him ambassador at large if you take over the State Department. Thanks to my daughter Noelle for sending it to me.

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Dr. Know said...

Matt's been doing this since 2004 and the recent "viral video" is his second official effort. He approaches foreign citizenry as if they are intrisically good, whereas BushCo approaches everyone as though they are evil (including our own populace) -- and should their country possess natural resources in demand, a potential victim of US imperialism.

It's simply an extention of the anointed silver spoon, plutocratic mindset that has infested our government -- robbing us of genuine long term solutions, earnest candidates, and any illusions of diplomacy or honor.