Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stop It with the Casinos!

I did not attend the big event last night to honor all of the living Democratic Governors which raised money for the Democratic Party. I have made it a policy not to attend any fund raiser that is held at a Casino. The reasons are simple, I don't want to be gassed by cigarette smoke. I don't think it is generally good policy for so many Democrats and party officials to be in Casinos because it looks like they condone gambling. I don't like fighting the parking lots and crowds of soon to be poverty stricken 'players'.

I am not a prude and I have been known to feed the slots once in a while. Overall, however it is just a bad image for the politicians to hang out in these places. Sooner or later someone will start asking if favors have been done.

And besides, the party bosses should realize that if I do go to a casino for a fund raiser some of my political donation budget might disappear into the maws of the slots.

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Dr. Know said...

And for an example of how easily that can happen, check out the story of the rise and fall of Augusta, GA Senator Charles Walker(D) (Assuming the whole story isn't another KKKRove NeoCon hit job, a la Siegleman) who reputedly lost a cool half-mil of charitable education funds in Atlantic City while I lived in NJ.

Personally, I hate lotteries as well -- one of the worst things to happen to America besides George W. Bush.