Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Election Day

I have always thought one of the most useless persons around is a candidate on election day. If you haven't won it by the time the people go to the polls then you are out of luck. About all I ever did on election day when I was running was ride around in a car all day long visiting polling places.

After watching the local news last night for the first time in a long time I felt bad about what the voters have endured in the way of nasty negative TV ads. But they work even if people decry them. The TV stations don't care what is aired as long as the campaigns pay their bills. Truth is second to revenues. As I have said before, campaign accounts are merely pass through accounts that move money from special interests(especially oil and gas corporations) to TV and other media outlets.

We must gird ourselves for the next five months now as the oil and gas industry and the NRA funds character assassinations of any candidate that doesn't agree with them on every single issue. It will be brutal.

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fh_lou said...

I was thinking about how sick the ads make me last night. (Him=evil Me=good). It seems like we need some independent oversight committee/or that would fine anyone for a negative ad. Say you have to pay 100x the cost of the ad (tv or newspaper cost) to air it. The money would be paid to the committee which would then use the money for other candidates or good ads or establishing federal standards for elections. You could still run the ads, just would have to pay. At least good would come of it.