Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hillary's request

Lastnight Hillary requested that her supporters write to her about what to do next. This is what our good friends in Austin wrote to her.

" You asked to hear what we think. I hope you meant it.
I urge you NOT to make the Republican mistake of listening ONLY to those who support you. When George W Bush took office, one of the immediately egregious things he did was insist that his version of bi-partisanship meant that "if there are democrats that agree with us, we'll listen to them." That's not the way to move the country forward.

Instead, please consider listening to those who have, over the years, dealt with you honestly. People who you respect, but who don't have any ulterior motives. Many of these people may be superdelegates -- those are the people whose task it is to safeguard the country to forward the Democratic agenda. Please pay attention. For all of us."

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