Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Domenici and the Republican Staff

I can only assume that Pete Domenici's vote to continue tax breaks for the oil and gas industry and then tax increases for the Solar industry was manipulated by his staff and others close to him. Surely, if Pete was 100% mentally capable he wouldn't have done this. Right?

We should keep a close eye on where Pete's staff ends up working after the Senator leaves office in January 2009. Shame on them! That will tell the tale. I bet Pete's staff wont be working for the Solar industry which can be a really big part of New Mexico's economy in the future......if Pete would just vote for his constituents instead of the fat cats.

What about the other Republicans in the Senate who voted the same way? At the end of the day we can only assume one thing. They are corrupt----morally and fiscally. The country is on the rocks and they vote for oil and gas once again. Where is the outrage on the part of the public? Why cant we put people in the streets like the Koreans did yesterday who were protesting problems in their government?

Meanwhile the bush administration is hell bent on leasing to oil and gas companies a lot of public land treasures like the Roan Plateau in Colorado. All of this is kind of hard to soak in!

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Ok, then said...

Please don't leave out the Democrats (in name only) like Mary Landrieu of Louisiana that regularly vote with Domenici and the Republicans. She did it again this time, too.