Friday, June 13, 2008

Hooray for PNM--So Far

Public Service Company of New Mexico has told the knuckleheads who want to burn our Pinon trees to generate electricity that they are no longer interested in purchasing that power. That company, Western Water and Power Production Inc., had not been able to get financing so far for their tree burning generating plant in Torrance County. This scheme was enabled by State Land Commissioner Pat Lyons giving out a no bid contract to harvest the trees from state land. Let's hope PNM sticks with this decision. I pay an extra $10 a month for their wind generated electricity. It would seem to be counterproductive to their efforts at being green to start negotiations up again with the knuckleheads to buy from them.

Just like the Desert Rock Coal Fired plant near Farmington, this concept is a bad idea all the way around. The Governor is standing firm on fighting Desert Rock. If constructed it would negate this state's ambitious efforts at reducing green house gases.

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