Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mayoral Election in ABQ

I am starting to hear lots of names being bandied about on who is running for Mayor next year. Of course Mayor Marty's name is one of them since we all know he has no where else to go, just yet anyway. I can't help think that Marty is pretty much burnt out on what I think is the hardest job next to being a President of the United States. (although bush never thought it was hard because he is an imbecile.)

Most Mayors leave their jobs after one or two terms. They usually get defeated after one term if the do the right thing and after the second term if they don't do the right thing. I think that makes sense.

We all know that Councilor Mike Cadigan wants to run, as does Councilor O'Malley. The one name that I have heard that might be a real challenger is County Commissioner Deanna Archuleta. I have been especially impressed with her even handedness and cool head. Although she rarely agrees with many developers they seem to like her since she will always listen to them and at least try to reach a consensus.

These three people all have about zero name I.D. with the general public. One of them will certainly rise to the top and I would put my money on Deanna. She is smart, fair, and personable.

Before it is over, I think there will be at least 10 people in the race.

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Daniel R. Patterson said...

Go, Deanna! I hope she runs.