Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I see that the Albuquerque City Council folded to a few neighborhood representatives last night and said no to a high density condo project in a near downtown area. It is a shame. Now the people that could have lived close to work and public transportation will stay commuting in their cars adding to global warming. I am sure the project could be tweaked a little or scaled back, but once again the good of all takes second to a few.

Yes, it would have required some form of sacrifice for the people in the neighborhood to allow this development. Maybe, that sacrifice wouldn't be needed if this country were not in an unparalleled energy meltdown and global warming situation. But we are in a mess and all of us have to give a little for the good of everyone. This is one small example of where that hasn't happened. The city council is supposed provide leadership on this kind of thing, and they fell far short of doing so. Tsk Tsk.

This is the same city council that hasn't provided much leadership on waste at city hall. One thing you probably have noticed is the giant SUVs that our police officers are now driving around town. Was this a decision that was made by Marty Chavez or the Chief? How much will fuel costs soar because of placing these behemoths (think macho man) into service instead of backing down a little to smaller and more traditional cruisers? Some one in the media ought to look at that one!

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