Monday, June 16, 2008

Erik in Hawaii

Many people involved in Albuquerque Municipal Government will remember Erik Pfeiffer who served as City Economic Development director for many years. Erik has been a friend of mine ever since he first showed up to help in my Land Commissioner race in 1982. He was a numbers guy who could always let you know where your votes could be obtained.

Erik retired from City Government at the end of my Mayoral term. Some of the biggest employers in Albuquerque were assisted in locating here by Erik and his hard work. He labored tirelessly to get Eclipse Aviation here and I think that is a feather in his hat. Anyway, Erik and his French Wife Canoe went to live in Mexico for a few years. They bought a big boat and lived well. Then they up and moved to Hawaii, the big Island.

Erik is funny because he just can't totally leave New Mexico and Albuquerque politics behind. He always finds time to call me about the latest news. This weekend it was about Marty Chavez firing his Chief Administrative Officer, Bruce Perleman. Erik wanted to talk details but I knew very little about what happened. I am surprised anyone could last as long as Perleman did with Marty. They Mayor is going through a lot of CAO's. What is that all about, really?

The new CAO is Ed Adams. He was they guy I picked to build the Albuquerque Isotopes Stadium project before I left as Mayor. He oversaw the whole process for the city and brought it in on time and on budget. He then put Marty Chavez' name on it even though Marty had nothing to do with it. It showed me he was learning how to please Chavez early. It still upsets me, but he is a good administrator. That makes me wonder how long he can survive in the CAO position. I give him 10 months max.

Meanwhile, Erik swims a mile every day and throws coconuts into the Pacific for his dog to chase. Sounds like a good life to me!

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