Sunday, June 22, 2008

Uniformed Politics

I don't watch much local TV News anymore since I don't need to hear about grown women having sex with 13 year old boys, nor do I need to see anything with flames in it unless it is threatening lives, nor do I need to see a uniformed law enforcement officer running for congress and using his position to get free publicity. I am talking about Darren White, the george bush pick for a congressional seat in this district.

While serious crimes are being committed it could be argued that the Sheriff is pursuing crimes not for their importance but for their P.R. value and the chance it will make the 6PM news. Case in point is the Sheriff doing a news conference about finding 60 fighting roosters. Of course the local media obliged him even though much more serious crime occurred on the same day.

Apparently the Sheriff's handlers, think Karl Rove types, have gotten him to start wearing suits at his news conferences, but that doesn't lessen the fact that he is the chief law enforcement officer for Bernalillo County and that his job is more important than getting 40 seconds on the news.

I think the Sheriff needs to step down from his position, or at least let the under sheriff run the show until this campaign is over. We don't want real criminals skating while the Sheriff goes after more chickens..

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