Friday, June 06, 2008

Other Election Day Losers

Besides the veteran New Mexico Legislators who bit the dust in Tuesday's Primary Election, there are other losers.

They are lobbyists. Quite often lobbyists in Santa Fe will latch on to one veteran legislator who Chairs a committee. This is their main contact for getting things done to their satisfaction. It shows they have clout and that leads to more and more clients. Then when their guy is defeated, retires or passes away their gravy train goes with it at the same time. There was one lobbyist in the recent past who had a plethora of clients and when his guy passed away the lobbyist practically disappeared from the Capitol.

Don't get me wrong, lobbyists are not necessarily evil and they can often be quite helpful in providing information, but in Santa Fe some of them who work for oil and gas, mining, real estate interests and the like have way to much power in swaying their committee chairs. Especially when those legislators have no other visible means of support other than being a legislator.

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