Thursday, October 02, 2008

Curry Family Photo

A proud father who didn't want me to mention his name, that would be Ron Curry, sent me this photo the other day of his children Sean and Shannon in the Obama bus after the first debate. Shannon, whose husband is serving his second tour in Iraq, met Michelle Obama in Santa Fe at a meeting for military spouses. Michelle then invited Shannon and a guest to sit with her at the first debate. Michelle chose to take her brother. After the debate they were invited into the bus to chat with the candidate. Here is a picture that will go down in Curry family annals. I wonder if they can get me in to see the Obama campaign director in New Mexico? I have had no luck in doing that at all.

A former intern of mine at the Mayor's office, Ray Rivera, is the state campaign director in Colorado. He is doing a great job there and I am proud of him.
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Stephen said...

I'm sure that was a great honor! Hopefully I'll get to see a speech if he comes back to NM.