Sunday, July 25, 2010

America's Biggest Failure

One could argue what might be the three biggest failures in decision making for the last decade for America.  Certainly the invasion of Iraq is one.  The reelection of bush to a second term was another.  But those may pale in comparison to the massive loss of common sense and leadership in this country in just the last few days.  That loss is the failure of the US Senate to pass a true and lasting energy bill for this country's future.

This action has just put America in the same boat as Spain, the French, the British and the Dutch when they refused to change their basic energy source from wind to coal for their fleets.  They missed the bus.  America just missed its bus too.  And this is not just a case of technological suicide.

Resulting chaos of climate change will be our reward.  The oil and gas industry is responsible for funding immoral republican and democrat senator's campaigns in return for a vote to keep America from moving to the next stage of energy production.

I really do believe these pols are immoral at worse, or just plain stupid.  They are destroying our future because of their lap dog status for the oil boys. Somehow, we must take action to stop it.  In the meantime I think Energy Committee Chairman Senator Jeff Bingaman needs to let us know why this really happened and who is responsible.  Name names Jeff.

In the meantime my advice is to not give the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee one cent.  Pick your individual candidates because if you give to the committee some immoral democrat senators may get some of it.

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