Sunday, July 04, 2010

Rio Grande Foundation II

I emailed the Rio Grande Foundation's Paul Guessing to ask for a list of their donors.  Here is the reply.

No, this is not public information. Sorry.

So when the media asks for quotes from this group you can assume they are being paid by the far right wing to represent them.  Should the media denote that this group's motives are suspect since they wont let the sun shine on their donors?  Maybe they are getting money from BP, or the Chinese government.   Or even george bush.  But we can never know since Gessing will keep us guessing.

Once again click here to see what one of their employees said on KNME.


M. Carlota Baca, Ph.D. said...

If the Rio Grande Foundation is a 501c3, the donor information IS public is their mission statement.

ched macquigg said...


I just followed the link you posted to the video of Scarantino's comments.

I think the RGFwatch completely mischaracterised Scarantino's objection which boiled down to; let's wait until we have all the facts before we jump to conclusions";
prudent advice, imho.

Chris Dudley said...

Gessing fronts a right-wing backed astroturf group with very few actual New Mexican members. He's also misrepresents himself in his biography on his website. He says that he has written articles for US News and World Report. Well, they've never heard of him.

You can read my extensive analysis of the Rio Grande Foundation's funding, membership and false claims, all just facts, at