Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mr. Mayor

I think you are doing a good job.  Mayors don't hear that often.  I rarely did.  And so having said that I also need to say that the time has come to either let your public safety Director find another job, or keep him off political TV commercials.  He is hurting your attempts at bipartisanship.

As I watched the TV news last night I saw Darren White doing interviews about the horrible violence at Emcore.  Not long before that I see him in a Sheriff's vest saying Susana Martinez should be Governor.  He certainly has a right to do that, but I am not so sure this is good for your public safety efforts.  Is he representing you or the political interests of Susana Martinez?  And as the overlord of law enforcement what happens when a prominent democrat gets tagged for a traffic violation or worse.  Can they accuse your administration of political chicanery?

I just get uneasy when cops and politics mix.  Nothing good will come of it.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that thought that Darren White looked like he wanted to shove Chief Schultz out of the way during the press conference and grab the microphone? What a media hog!

It's unethical and improper that Mr. White appears in a political ad endorsing the Susana Martinez. As a retired public employee, I'm digusted that this was allowed to happen.

I'm sick of seeing him at the forefront of every photo op! It's evident White is out of control, making the Mayor's administration appear chaotic and leaderless.

Rodney said...

Mr. White is free to say what he wants, support who he wants, as a citizen. But to be doing so while wearing anything that could be connected to a police agency is simply not allowable. But, stupid, insulting, over-the-top political grandstanding is his forte. There is no doubt that he has and will use his police authority to further his own political agenda.