Monday, July 19, 2010

Potash and the Journal

The Sunday Journal wrote a front page story about the long running feud between the Potash Industry and the Oil and Gas Industry in Southern New Mexico.  Instead of doing a public service in really talking about drilling in the Potash areas and endangering miners and resources, the Journal seemed to take the tact that since the Governor had a friend who was a lobbyist for the Potash industry that something was afoul.

This is a long running resource debate that I dealt with as State Land Commissioner for two terms and as BLM Director.  Once again the Oil and gas boys want it all and to hell with everyone else.  The Potash miners just want their workers to be safe from migrating gas and to protect a resource for the future.  The oil and gas guys want to drill close to the mines even though they have thousands of undrilled parcels elsewhere.  Safety should be paramount in this discussion.

In the meantime the NM Oil and Gas Association has a new leader.  Yes, it is a retiring Bureau of Land Management guy from the Farmington office.  Another indication that the BLM in New Mexico could be viewed a branch of the oil and gas industry.  It might be time for big changes in the BLM leadership of the State.

On the positive side for the Journal last week was the story on the re-plastering of the San Francisco de Asis Church in Rancho de Taos.  Very thoughtful.

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