Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Our little Peach crop came in and we spent Monday evening preserving them.  They will be great in February.

I saw City Public Safety Chief Darren White this morning around 10:00AM having coffee with GOP Congressional candidate John Barela at the Rio Grande Starbucks.  I kind of wondered why Darren was doing this during business hours but I am sure he can discuss it with the Mayor.  As an exempt employee he doesn't really need to fill out leave forms.  I have said it before, I just don't like the chief law guy for the city being involved in partisan politics.  They did have a nice wave for me though!


James Ramirez said...

Jim, officials from all sides are guilty of "partisan" politics, did you ever do it as Mayor?

Jim Baca said...

yes, but I would never have allowed the police chief or public safety chief to do it. there is a very big difference.

Anonymous said...

It would be beneficial for Albuquerque if a policy was established about allowing city officials/workers to participate in partisan politics (similar to the Hatch Act for Federal employees). As long as there's a camera around, Dan White will continue to embarrass the current administration.