Monday, July 05, 2010

Memory Lane in Sideburns

Rodger Beimer was rummaging around in his junk and found some great old pictures of 1972 New Mexico election coverage at Channel 7.  The negatives were pretty washed out after 38 years and I fixed them as well as I could.

This is Dick Knipfing, Pete and Nancy Domenici and Jack Eastham (I think) from the GOP. 

This is Dick Knipfing and Fabian Chavez.

This is me with the 1972 high tech Post-It pad election results.  The coke cases on the ground were for the girls who could not reach the top of the board to post numbers.
Here is the whole gang.  That is Rodger Beimer in the loud pink jacket on the left.  I don't recognize the other two on the set.  You can click on these images to make them bigger.  

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