Thursday, July 15, 2010


The Obama administration America's Great Outdoor Initiative listening session is rolling into Albuquerque this Saturday.  Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Senator Jeff Bingaman, and USDA Undersecretary Harris Sherman will be there to listen to anyone who might have some suggestions for Public Land Management in the West.  They pretty much already know the issues and the Interior Department has dealt with them for decades.  I dont know what these sessions are supposed to accomplish other than an exercise in listening, which I guess is okay.  Let's see what happens after that.

I want the Interior Department to do a few of things.  Protect more land and water supplies with Wilderness, Park, Monument and Conservation Area designations.(They made progress on this for a while.)  Order the incorrigible BLM make it easier for renewable energy development.  There is a disconnect between the DC office wanting it and the State offices actually doing it.

And please start humanely treating America's Mustang herds.  Twelve horses died this weekend during a roundup of heat exhaustion because of a lack of water.  Unforgivable. There are solutions.

The hearing session will take place at the Marriott Pyramid Hotel on North I-25 at 1:30PM on Saturday.

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Lily said...

I plan on attending the session - hope to see you there. And I laughed out loud when I read your earlier post about banning men's tank tops. HAHA.

--Lily Ribeiro