Friday, July 30, 2010


People are jobless. We are in endless war. Schools don't have enough money to teach our children properly.  America's infrastructure is falling apart.  You can't trust a banker, investment firms or real estate developers with your money.  And then what we get in the New Mexico Governor's race are stories about the state airplane.  The Sap media does it again.  Another non issue that is easy to report on and requires little effort at journalism.  What a farce. Like running 911 tapes and pretending it is news.  It takes no brains or effort.  Glenn Beck in bling as far as I am concerned.  American Journalism today.

Now a reversal of sorts.  Its one of those days I cherish.  The Albuquerque Journal had a thoughtful and supporting editorial on the Forest Service travel management plans that are aimed at stopping destruction of watersheds and forest lands by irresponsible ATV riders.  Most of those riders are okay, but it doesn't take many to wreck whole ecosystems.

Our congressional delegations are strangely silent on all aspects of the Afghan war.  They should be consistently questioned on their stands on this endless war.

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