Thursday, July 22, 2010


Just how shameless can some legislators and the oil and gas industry get?  Senator John Arthur Smith, who I have always respected, has suggested that easing up on oil and gas industry environmental regulations would get our economy going. That Pit rule, which is meant to protect New Mexico's water, is ruining us all in his estimation.  I can't believe he fell for this stuff at the same time that oil and gas leases are still selling at high prices and local oil and gas operators are selling out to the big fish for major bucks.

And then the Washington Post does a story about how the oil and gas lobby in DC is comprised mostly of former government and congressional employees.  They didn't mention New Mexico's latest entry with the Farmington BLM chief going from his government job to head of the NM Oil and Gas Association in just one day.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has an obligation to look into this revolving door at MMS and the BLM.  The leadership of those agencies need to be instructed to give an ethics course to all of their employees.

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