Sunday, December 18, 2011


Some one needs to explain to me the calculus used by the Obama Interior Secretary on leaving New Mexico's beautiful Dona Ana County lands out of a bill that would protect wilderness jewels in this country.  Wilderness is a difficult issue at any time because of the influence of the fossil fuels and livestock lobby.  But this state currently has two democratic United States Senators, two democratic congressmen and one lonely republican representative who is a mascot for the oil and gas industry.  And he wins.  No protection for beautiful landscapes in Dona Ana County.

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Anonymous said...

Was that in that omnibus spending bill? I read that no one in congress read that before voting on it.

That, which smacks of ineptitude, and is the result of a selfish desire to hurry up and go on another long vacation, sounds better that what it just as likely is, that they are deathly afraid to do anything that might interfere with their dreams of reelection or an immensely profitable retirement.

I will be working the 24th and the 26th, by the way, if any of my representatives want to meet with me. Alas, seeing as how they seem to be going to the practice of avoiding any face to face contact with rightly angry constituents by having nothing but these electronic town hall meetings, I don't think that's likely, or ever was.