Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Alright, snow storms are news.  But watching TV last night you would have thought that after dedicating 11 minutes to watching reporters bend over and scoop up snow from a two inch drift that maybe they could get to the real news of the day.  Those news directors just love sending out their toothy reporters in the satellite trucks to cavort in the snow.

Actually, the big news of the day is that I took Hermes and Ajax to the vet for their Rabies shot and they are both healthy.  I was worried they might run into Representative Stapleton when they were out catting around.


janecraft said...

Really? Catty? Stapleton disappointed us (understatement?), but that's no excuse to use gender-specific putdowns. Let's keep looking for the high road.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ha! That is a cute photo. Great names for them, too.

We had a little more than just 2" of snow here in the East Mountains, though. We're at 7,300ft in Tijeras and got over a foot dumped on us. Sure is making things challenging this morning getting out to take care of all the horses, llamas, goats and chickens. The roads are just starting to clear up, so we might head out in a few hours once our driveway isn't so deep.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I have to disagree that that's gender specific but if it is I agree too.

On some of those, though, you can use them for men, too, like catty, and bitch, which the gay community seems to enjoy, some members I should say.

There is that line of reasoning that there are ways to take the power out of certain putdowns by how they are used. The N word. There has been a series of "Slut Walks" all over the country, a new incarnation or new name for, the take back the night movement.

By the way, I have the credentials. I've read everyone from de Beauvoir to Friedan to Dworkin to McKinney to Wolf and the first march I was ever in was a take back the night march. My feminist girlfriend soon to be wife wouldn't stop nagging me until I went.

kevin said...

Catting around. Now, that's funny. Racism has no place in our society, but it's still here. We all need to learn from poor comments even if we didn't utter them. Abraham Lincoln said when you do good, you feel good, and you do bad you feel bad. Doing good and feeling goods sounds so much better.

Rodney said...

Speaking of non news....

Bubba Muntzer said...

By the way, you'll be able to do a show with just cat pictures pretty soon. You've done some nice ones.

Some of them must have required a lot of patience. (Or else your cats are just good, hard working cat models.) But I don't know how that would go. I know that the live subject, and the moving subject each present problems in addition to.

I assume your background in TV and film helps you in that regard.

I've seen photographers who are just good at working with subjects, too. And then, you see people catch some nice shots of animals now and then, there is some kind of expressiveness captured in the subject, or portrayed somehow, but the technical proficiency isn't there. The ones who can do it all are the pros.