Sunday, December 04, 2011

Double Standard

On Page B-1 of he Albuquerque Journal today is a story about how our Congressional Delegation supports continued subsidies for the oil and gas industry.  They cite the need to help out the little independent producers.  That would be the guys that donate a lot of money on a state level to politics.

On Page E-1 there is a story about the shortage of food assistance for the poor and homeless because the Congress is cutting back food aid programs.  These are the poor folks who can not donate a lot of money to state level politicians.

On Page A-1 there is an excellent story on a rightwing mega church pastor who uses the pulpit to endorse candidates but whose church pays no taxes even though this endorsement process is illegal for non profit entities.  The County of Bernalillo should immediately put this church on the tax rolls and the IRS should start collecting income taxes.

Leslie Lithicum's column on how the police have treated the "Occupy" movement versus the "Tea Party" movement was right on.  One of her best ever.  I have opined ad nausea on the police being trained like Marines rather than public servants.

The Journal had a good day and deserves a pat on the back for some good journalism.

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Anonymous said...

People have been saying that "the Occupy movement has changed the conversation." Ya think?