Tuesday, December 06, 2011


It was very cold out on the Bosque today.  These tumbleweeds have probably tumbled their last after the big wind last week.  They blew into the Rio Grande and stuck!  They look homeless and huddled.  It will have to blow even harder to get them out of their watery grave.

The Bosque looks devoid of life, except for a fat coyote that didn't stop for a picture taking session.  I much prefer it in the fall when there is color.


J L McCall said...

Without leaves you can more easily discern the shape of the branches, and they have their own stark beauty. But like you, I enjoy the foliage. I liked your soggy tumbleweeds.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Indeed. That little arc of land at the bottom, that bleeds back into the trees, holds it all up, doesn't it? That swaying orchestra of stark beauty.

That one on the top is beautiful though. Notice how the angles, from to bottom, increase. The strip of land, the river, the tumbleweeds. Then that little light green patch at the bottom, an opposing angle, balances it all out. That and the blue. Very nice.

Glad you braved the frigid air.