Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gerry Mander R.I.P.

The process of reapportioning political districts in New Mexico is entering its second year.  The once a decade process usually ends up with a huge amount of gerrymandering and shifting of political tides.  This decade's process is turning into a funeral for gerrymandering.  As I read about the efforts all over the state the flavor of this decade seem to be 'least change', despite the fact that the state's growth pattern demands otherwise. Although one could argue that is a stealth form of manipulation.

It is typical that any incumbent congressman, legislator, city councillor, county commissioner or school board member would want things to stay pretty much the same as when they were elected.  But the idea of this task is to make things fair.  Why would we want depopulating areas in the oil and gas patch to keep their political power when that power should really shift to urban areas that have grown strongly since the year 2000?

At the end of the day this is all an inside game.  The public doesn't care.  It is meaningless to them.  As the lawsuits drag on at great cost to the taxpayer the only interested folks are the ones who are making money out of this.  The lawyers that is.  And the politicos who want to hang on to their little fiefdoms.

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