Monday, December 19, 2011


Get ready for the onslaught of disgusting and trashy political commercials after the first of the year.  Given the republican dominated supreme court's decision on corporate and special interest spending in political races we may be in for the worst ration of political bottom dwelling in our life times.  Think of the movie "The Exorcist" and the little girl's ability to spew!

Of course the winners will be the TV stations and media outlets that will run this stuff.

However, I had an interesting conversation with some people who are knowledgeable about how this will work.  These special committees that will be spending the money will need to pay top dollar for their commercial time, unlike a candidate's campaign who gets the lowest rates.  Also, the special committees will not be able to use outright fabrications and lies in their ads, or they are liable to be denied air time.  A candidate campaign can lie but a special committee can not.  Weird.  There may be a real effort on the media's part, for their own good, to use some editorial prerogatives on what gets aired and what doesn't.  Let's hope so.

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