Thursday, December 15, 2011


No one is saying the word victory or win as we pull out of Iraq.  If we won, what did we win?  I think bush/cheney really need to explain the carnage to us and what good it all was.  Nine years of death, profit for defense contractors, and economic wreckage.  Not a great result.

Timing is everything.  Just as news of Representative Sheryl Williams Stapelton's racist rant against the Governor hits, the NAACP files a civil rights suit against the city of Albuquerque alleging racism in hiring and promotion actions.  Stapleton, an African American, accused a fellow legislator of 'carrying water for the Mexican upstairs."  She should resign her seat now.

Of course the Albuquerque Journal tried to implicate all democrats in this with a headline that said, "Democratic leader calls Governor a Mexican."  First, Stapleton is a minor leader.  Second the bigotry shown by the Journal is as bad as Stapleton's.   Third, the editor at the Journal should resign too.

The Journal must be collecting money somehow from the oil and gas industry.  Today they opined that the planned tar sand pipeline from Canada to Houston should be approved as a part of a tax bill that will keep payroll taxes low.  Usually they hate this kind of tactic, but now its okay.

The silence out of the County Commission and City who are helping to fund a new call center for Lowe's in Albuquerque is deafening.  Following on the heels of Lowe's decision to pull advertising from a reality show about American Muslims you would think maybe someone would express disappointment.  The bigoted action certainly should make us wonder if we want to be support such a company with tax dollars.

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