Monday, December 26, 2011


The big question for me today is whether to reuse my luminara bags for another year.  The ones that burned brightly on Christmas Eve have been  used for the last three years.  I usually just empty them out.  Separate the wax and sand and them fold them up and insert them into a grocery bag.  A few get trashed, but not many.  This is one sign of frugality in my otherwise less disciplined spending habits.  I even use the same sand every year from a little pile in the back yard.  I really started recycling the bags because I am so worthless at folding them every year with out tearing them.

Not as many neighbors put up the farolitos this year.  Maybe it is a sign of the general funk of the economy.  There seemed to be a slight lack of energy in this holiday season around here.  Probably because we are a year older and none of the kids were around.  Wait until next year!

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