Saturday, December 17, 2011

Easy Date

I think the oil and gas industry has found that Obama is an 'easy date'.   They just got their planet killing tar sands pipe line from Canada to Houston on the fast track decision process in return for a two month extension of the payroll tax deduction extension for working Americans.  For the last few weeks Obama had vowed not to let that happen.  He weakly says now after another capitulation that it might make it easier for him to deny the pipe line.  Fat Chance!

I am beginning to think the Obama administration, on environmental matters, is one of those cosmic jokes that come around every now and then.  Those things that defy rationality and that are totally unexplainable.


Anonymous said...

Amazingly, I am seeing happy chatter on the National Resources Defense Council web site and from Bill McKibben (of and who actually believe this will kill the pipeline.

At least they hope it will.

Amazingly, they saw Obama's original decision to delay his decision on the pipeline until after the elections as a huge victory, or at least their fundraising departments told them to say it was a huge victory. It was no victory. Jim made that clear right here.

Amazingly, they seem to forget that what, two weeks ago, Obama overruled his own EPA and decimated clean air standards, and that just before that he opened up the Gulf of Mexico to new drilling. In fact, the first leases on that were given out this past week.

For anyone who frets about what a Republican president might mean to the environment, a., you can hardly do worse than an Obama or a Clinton and b., the environmental movement is much stronger, more active, more militant, when Republicans are in power. A Democrat can easily co-opt and blunt the effectiveness of the movement, especially the "inside the beltway" professionally-led part of it.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a major disappointment! Too bad we have to vote for him again to keep the nut cases out of the White House.