Monday, December 12, 2011


It has been the "Year of Idiocy" as far as I am concerned.  Just putting up with the flavor of the month in the republican presidential primary would cinch that title for sure.  But corporate America is doing their part.  First there was the banks trying to charge a $5 fee for using ones debit cards.  Only idiots could try and foist that onto their customers, or victims as I call them.

Now comes along Lowe's Home Improvement Centers.  I am a frequent customer of Lowes.  They are just a half a mile away and I probably spent $400 there in the last week converting my house to LED lights.  I guess I should be happy I am not a muslim though.  Lowes just pulled their TV commercials from a Muslim reality show because a wacko christian fundamentalist group insisted they do so.

I wonder how much this will cost Lowes.  Millions and millions I hope until their CEO and his minions are fired for bald faced bigotry.  That is the only thing that will get me back into a Lowes store.  I am serious.

This all traces back to the state of religion in this country.  The fanatics are winning while the rest of the good folks that are believers just sit back and watch it happen.  Shameful.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Put me down for boycotting Lowe's, too.

Anonymous said...

Put me down for skipping a trip to Lowe's. Home Depot is looking good to me.