Thursday, May 02, 2013

County Property Taxes

As usual the Bernalillo  County folks have continued their practice over the last decade of upping the assessments on your home as high as the law allows.  That is now about 30% in ten years.  And don't forget how the value of your home plummeted.

This is why the Bernalillo County Commission needs to be changed into a Mayor/Council form of government.  Right now there is no one to take the heat on this outrageous hike in assessed values every year.  If you call your Commissioners they just shrug their shoulders and say "I am only one of five of us, what can I do?"  If there were a chief elected official in the county he couldn't use that excuse.  And don't tell me the assessor is the one to complain too, she just ups the assessment to match what the commission says they will increase the budget by.

Or better yet consolidate the city and county.  It really doesn't matter who feels like they win in that scenario, as long as all of the duplication and waste gets fixed.


Anonymous said...

City county consolidation makes a lot of sense for countless reasons, particularly for reducing taxes and operational costs. Problem is, most politicians wouldn't support it.

Vicki said...

I am more concerned with the inequity of tax assessment in the County. My next door neighbor paid only $39 in property tax in 2012 while we paid $1687. They have the same exemptions as us - vet and head of family. Our home is twice the size of their home on a lot that is 0.19 acre larger. Their total home valuation is $7333 although they paid $110,000 for it in 2011. I don't understand the disparity and I know I am not alone.