Thursday, May 30, 2013


Sometimes you just have to wonder what goes through peoples heads before they speak.  As an accomplished foot in mouth expert I know these things just happen.  Mayor Berry's statement that putting immobilizing boots on cars will help stop men seeking prostitutes is a gem.  Gee, why didn't anyone think of that before?  Do you think johns will maybe use the bus?  Or rent a car from Enterprise?  And really, shouldn't there be a trial first?  And of course would this really end those primal urges and the world's oldest profession.

Watch what happens here.  Everyone will try and get on this bandwagon so as to look strong in the fight against human trafficking.   In effect this is one of those useless laws that will be passed as a feel good measure.

At the same time I applaud Mayor Berry's and the County Commission's efforts to get a major grocery store located downtown.  This will help the tens of thousands of folks near by from having to climb in a car for a multi mile trip to buy a carton of milk.  This effort is a good band wagon to climb on.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Mayor Berry: Put the immobilizing device where it will do some good.

Anonymous said...

Parking down near the Main and City Hall is bad enough, now all their cars will be fixed in place damnit.