Monday, May 20, 2013


It is just weird.  New Mexico is lagging behind the economic recovery in the region and nationally.  We are ranked low in the race to eradicate poverty.  We see little progress in attracting new jobs so young people can start their lives, pay off their usurious student loans thanks to our bankers, and have productive lives.

The state is being led by republican executives.  Governor Martinez and Mayor Berry are doing the worst jobs possible in getting the state and city back on their feet.  The only thing that they can point to are projects started under Governor Richardson.  Like him or not he was a mover and shaker.  His poll numbers are low and Martinez and Berry look invulnerable.  It is a paradox.  I have seen it so many times.  The less an elected official accomplishes the longer they are in office.   It is just a peculiar thing in our democracy and most of it is driven the the funding sources of campaigns.  And the inability of the media to do anything but attack government while ignoring  corporate America's predatory nature.

This is a blog worthy of visiting.  The charts on it will scare you.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

That Journal story today shocked even me. 102 million people have dropped out of the work force. I've got to hand it to the Journal on that one. They even quoted a "liberal think tank." Probably because conservative think tanks are too busy trying to think up reasons that the utterly failed "austerity" economic scheme shouldn't be abandoned immediately. Of course, being a regular reader of your blog, I looked for comment from the governor and mayor, and being a regular reader of your blog, I wasn't shocked when there was none.

I checked the editoral page. Nothing about jobs at all. President Obama was chastised for not coming down hard on the IRS for it's errant ways, but as for the errant ways of the NM Taxation and Revenue Department, in the next editorial, no chastisement for Governor Martinez.

Maybe they think she doesn't really have anything to do with with state government. Her responsibility is to be in other states cozying up with big money people.