Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It seems to me the easiest way to force the construction of Tornado shelters in affected areas is for Insurance companies not to issue home policies unless there are shelters.  It just makes sense.

If Congress bends over for bankers and doesn't keep student loan rates from doubling then it might be time for some serious civil disobedience.  Not on campus.  In the CEO's offices of American Banks.  Be messy and rude.

I will start feeling sorry for the press in regards to the Obama administration's snooping amongst them to find security leaks when the press starts screaming for repeal of the so called 'patriot act'.  Our privacy is just as important as the editors of right wing newspapers and the folks at Pox news.  Yes.  They are a pox on us all.

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Anonymous said...

You make a good point about the media. They have essentially laid down about the patriot act, and also about the Obama upgrade to it, the NDAA, which allows indefinite detention of US citizens, by the military, without ever seeing a judge or lawyer.

They say nothing about the vast data collection center being built in Salt lake City that will store all our communications, texts, emails, phone calls, forever.

And only now, after the AP revelations, have I heard mention in the mainstream media about the president's war on whistleblowers or the fact that he's charged more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than have all other presidents combined, six people, twice as many.

I noticed too that the president has suddenly come out in favor of a federal shield law to protect members of the media, no doubt to try to keep them from suddenly turning against him, i.e., from suddenly starting to do their job.

And they have left the greatest whistleblower of them all, Bradley Manning, rot in jail for more than two years now, for the first year under conditions the UN rapporteur has said amounted to torture, with hardly a peep.