Tuesday, May 21, 2013


American corporations are beginning to resemble vampires.  Apple Computer, a child of American entrepreneurship, pays no taxes and sucks the blood out of our public services.  Steve Jobs probably didn't envision this kind of corporate looting of the treasury, but his predecessors like how it looks.

Last night John Stewart was on the Veteran's Administration case because their new computer system doesn't work.  But that blame needs to be put mostly on the American corporations who said they could do the job for only one billion dollars and then delivered a non functioning system.  And this happens time and again with these information technology projects.  Yet the government gets all the blame.

A fertilizer plant in Texas blows up and the corporation that owns it seems to bear no responsibility even though people are dead and a town destroyed.  And when you get time go out and explore the abandoned mines and tailings pile left all over public lands by multi national mining firms.  But the government gets the blame.

And things wont change until Corporations stop funding elections to put in their mascots in the Congress and Senate.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Speaking of Steve Pearce, this showed up on the Journal's web site this afternoon:


"A spokesman for the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association, Wally Drangmeister, says southeastern New Mexico’s stretch of the Permian Basin has been booming. He says recent advancements in drilling techniques have helped developers pull more oil from their wells."

1. Can you think of a better name for an oil industry spokesman?

2. OK, that's not fair to the Drangmeisters.

3. When they say advancements in drilling techniques I think it's because they mean fracking but want to avoid saying fracking.