Thursday, May 16, 2013


One giant OOPS for everyone of our legislators, cabinet secretaries, LFC, governor's staff and Governor.  I mean really, someone somewhere should have done a little more due diligence before presenting a faulty budget that will cost millions more in lost revenues than had been predicted.  And of course the Governor, unlike the President with his IRS problems, is given a complete bye in the media.

I know these kinds of things happen.  They are not planned deceptions by anyone like the Legislative leadership and Governor.  What is astounding is that no one caught it at the time.  The current head of Finance for Governor Martinez stood up and took the blame, but so should a lot of others whose scrutiny failed.  But, once again these things happen.  Now it must be fixed and my bets are that it won't be because it will look like a tax hike.

Another big oops today belongs to City Council Candidate Isaac Benton who still doesn't want to state his position on a Candelaria roundabout.  This extremely divisive issue here in the north valley deserves a statement from him one way or another.  He sent me an prickly email saying it needed to be studied for a longer time.  I am in a quandary here.  I feel like I can't vote for Benton, whom I actually lean towards, because he won't level with us, and I have a bad taste in my mouth that Councilwoman Roxanna Meyers is in cahoots with the sprawl developers, but at least has the courage to say she is against the project.  I am against the project myself, but I am not a one issue voter.  I just don't like pols who duck the issues.

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