Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Forward Thinking

I am still waiting to see some vision of the future of our city of Albuquerque from our Mayoral candidates.  So far not an utterance from the candidates on the "BIG PICTURE'. They only thing we see in the media is who is charging who with ethics violations and who will spend the most money on independent campaigns for the candidates.  This makes one think that the candidates have no ideas whatsoever.  But, we still have four months!  Maybe we will be enlightened?

There is a story and a lot of interesting comments in the Washington Post this morning about a squadron of F-15 fighter jets that has been grounded due to the budget sequestration.  It might just be the tip of the iceberg as I sense a real desire to cut back the excesses of the military industrial complex in this country.  We don't need to outspend the entire world on military spending any longer.  I welcome that.  But the question of the sequestration itself is a red herring.

Why stop spending money at all as the economy sparks to life once again.  Lets just reprogram it into rebuilding this nation's infrastructure and educational system.  Certainly, having third graders that can read at third grade level is a hell of a lot more important in this country that more weapons procurement.    And all of those defense industry workers?  They are skilled and talented and can be used in many different ways.

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Laura F. Sanchez said...

Hey, you forget to mention the efforts of our Governor to bring in jobs! She really pushed for the "ghost city" to be built in southern New Mexico by Pegasus Global Holdings, an outfit run by leftovers from the Reagan Administration. Unfortunately that project, as ghosts so often do, just disappeared. And then there's the horse slaughter plant. And all the work she has created for the State Supreme Court. And she can always find a job for Darren White.