Thursday, May 09, 2013

Where's the Beef

I had to chuckle when reading about the cowboys in New Mexico complaining that their assistance payments from the federal government are late.  Yes, they are all being hurt by our drought.  And yes they all get thousands of dollars in welfare checks from the government when times get hard.  And yes many think that the government entitlement programs for everyone else should be ended because those people are all freeloaders.  I have always been astounded at this double standard in rural America.  Even though most things they take for granted were paid for by the government.  Like the electrification of these areas by the government.  Like the dams and roads and subsidies paid for by the government.

I do respect these ranchers.  They do work hard and most of them are really decent people.  I just have problems with many of their industry's double standards.  I can't understand their opposition to extended unemployment assistance in hard times and then expect to get payouts for them selves as well as their grazing subsidies in the form of practically non existent fees.  And, when they elect people like Steve Pearce out in ranching country they should realize it hurts their credibility.  He is the poster boy for these double standards.  He never saw a tax break he didn't love for the oil and gas industry.

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