Thursday, May 23, 2013

Puttering Around

This picture could stand for the early morning annual golf match play at the ACC course I play at.  Golf is a mental game and if you are in the zone you don't notice much because of the concentration the game calls for.  The caption on the photo says the golfer is pretty sure his wife got out.

For the second year in a row my partner Ed Mahr and I, both 19 handicappers, fought against two real low handicappers.  Alas, we lost on the 17th hole after hitting good drives and crumby approach shots.  But it was fun since our opponents didn't think we would make it pass hole 11.

The picture could also stand as a metaphor for Archbishop Sheehan who disallowed that senior at St. Pius from graduating as the boy she has become.    The senior decided not to attend the ceremony.

Sheehan's  church is being consumed by bigotry and he doesn't even know it.  My guess is that just about every catholic under the age of 25 thinks the church is not worthy of their support or attendance any longer.  If they don't, they probably will feel that way by the age of 30.    And once again,  if he gets to wear gay clothes why can't anyone else?


Anonymous said...

Being raised Catholic, I eventually migrated away from it for a lot of reasons, like having to count venial sins and sprinkling holy water on my pillow to stop nightmares, Yea right!

Michelle Meaders said...

According to the Albuq. Journal on Wed, "The University of New Mexico's LGBTQ Resource Center will host a graduation ceremony for Garcia on May 30 from 5 to 7 p.m. in a courtyard next to Scholes Hall on main campus."

Be Fair to Everyone said...

That's great. Now what is the county going to do for the former MDC guard they fired because of his PTSD? The county can easily give him a different position and reinstate him. Where is the outrage about that?

Anonymous said...

It was on KOB on May 23rd. The county lawyer said it was a "rough" situation because he is a guard but they left out that he can do other things. The man was in combat and now has ptsd from service. If medicinal marijuana helps him, put him in a position where he can use his medicine (as long as he can do the work) and let him work.

Jerry Ortiz y Pino said...

Perhaps the crowning irony of the St. Pius graduation situation is that the Archbishop's speech at the graduation focused (according to reports from those who were there) on the need for greater toleration. Incredibly oblivious!
Jerry Ortiz y Pino