Monday, August 05, 2013


It was another great morning at sunrise out at the Santa Ana Golf Course.  You can forget about silly things out there.  Here are a few I forgot about a few hours.

First, down the road from where we played golf today sits the Hyatt Tamaya Resort.  This week  there is the annual super secret meetings of the nation's top CEO's occurring there.  You know, the ones who track your every move, control your government, and generally kill democracy with political donations.  The resort and golf course are closed down to everyone.  Top right wing politicians are there, one of them is probably Congressman Paul Ryan who was seen flying in to Albuquerque yesterday.  Fellow blogger Joe Monahan said Ryan indicated he was coming in to visit Governor Martinez.  So, can we assume she is there too?  As Sara Palin would say, "You Betcha!" 

Secondly, the idea of making our old killing ground at the State Penitentiary into a tourist attraction for the blood spatter crowd.  What a great thing to do!  Commemorating a killing spree in the 1980's riot at the Pen for good family fun.  Why,  they might even have sno-cones and cotton candy for the little  Dexter wannabes.  Score a big economic development idea for the Martinez administration.

Thirdly, the ham- fisted attempt by the Mayor's Office and Albuquerque City Clerk to not allow the ballot initiative on abortion on the the October Ballot.  Lots of foot dragging there and it will end up costing us big time for another election.  I guess the Mayor's handlers decided there was some downside to having this on the regular city election ballot. 


Voter Beware said...

Amy Bailey is not qualified for the job. Before she was given the position of city clerk, she worked for Wolf and Fox, a law firm that has done plenty of work for the Mayor and hatchet-men. Here is her bio:

Only in NM can a family law attorney become city clerk. I have an idea, make the city clerk a position voter's decide on and not political cronies.

Ms Wolf is in partnership with Paul Blanchard and owns the Defined Fitness gyms.

Paul Blanchard is part owner of the Downs of Albuquerque

Bubba Muntzer said...

Very nice. You really have to click on that and enlarge to get the gist of it.

I'm glad you bring that up about corporate intrusion of our privacy rights. It gets lost in all the talk about government intrusion of our privacy rights. Much of which is driven anyway by the big contracts corporations have their servants in government draw up.

A lot of that NSA spying is done by private contractors but for example here in New Mexico the state spent multi millions putting up cameras for the transportation police, but they catch everybody who goes by one, and and the private contractor who runs that system can use that information any way they want to. They are from Canada btw. The Bernalillo Co sheriff's dept has some too.

Great post though.

You've had some good comments, too, the last few posts. You and these people should get together and form a newspaper, or an arts magazine.

Anonymous said...

As the House of Representatives assesses its strategy to overhaul the nation's immigration system, a group of Republican congressmen are starting their August recess with a tour of the southern border.

Unlike a border tour last March for a bipartisan group of senators, the House's current three-day tour features only Republicans: House committee on Homeland Security chairman Mike McCaul of Texas, former House "Group of Eight" member Raul Labrador of Idaho, Trent Franks of Arizona, Leonard Lance of New Jersey, Kevin Yoder of Kansas, Rick Crawford of Arkansas and Richard Hudson of North Carolina. The group is accompanied by Border Patrol Chief Michael Fischer.