Friday, August 23, 2013

Political Ad

They are starting. Political ads.  Today I got a mailer from city council candidate Roxanna Meyers.  It is a slick looking piece.  It says absolutely nothing on any issue.  Nothing about the economy, nothing about the police department, nothing on city finances, nothing about public safety, transportation or urban sprawl.  It is just a piece saying, Gee....I have a nice family.

The point is that most candidates will follow this lead with platitudes and touchy/feely kinds of ads.  They will all look soft and warm and nonthreatening and they all will ignore the issues of the day.  Unless they are negative ads put on by right wing and left wing political committees.  Those will twist the issues of the day based rarely on the truth.

We will travel into Colorado for a few days to see our daughter Noelle and her husband Luke.  

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Anonymous said...

Did she also have a photo of her dog or cat? I am glad candidates have families because it makes them care about issues affecting families but I want to know where they stand on issues not how great their photographs are.