Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bikers Again

A friend of mine disagreed with my blog on the Bikers story in the Journal as being nothing more than a hyped up story.  On reflection I think he is right.  Apologies to the Journal.  I come to this conclusion after reading up on a blog that is discussing this issue. Aging Rebel is pretty interesting in that it seems the bikers, or their supporters, are pretty sophisticated.


Gangs, juries and cops Oh My said...

The nature of gangs is to fight over turf. That is what they do. That is what they have always done. A few years ago, the fear was that the Cuban gangs were going to fight with the Crips and Mexican gangs over turf. Then there is the Los Padillas Gang who fights with everybody in the south valley and the Pintos in the Westgate area who do the same. The SE Heights has plenty of gangs to go around: Crips, Bloods, BMX. Acting Chief Banks disbanded the APD gang unit but the Journal didn't mention this in their reporting. And the Journal didn't mention the young lady who dropped off an empty suitcase to the Mayor.

On Friday, a Santa Fe jury found that the DOH violated the fraud against taxpayer law and the whistleblower law when they terminated an employee. The DOH defense was the employee was insubordinate. The journal covered the closing arguments on Thursday but never followed up with the jury award.

I don't think apologies to the Journal are necessary.

Bubba Muntzer said...

It seems to me the Aging Rebel is saying that the hype is on the part of law enforcement, and the Journal is simply their unwitting tool.

But his account sounds like it could fall into the category of things law enforcement sometimes does to justify some budget money.

Also, there's this very interesting statement in his piece: "Various state and federal police agencies have used “intelligence sharing” capabilities institutionalized as part of the Global War on Terror to coordinate what is, in essence, one investigation of the Vagos."

So (a) the law enforcement agencies in question are spending their time and resources not going after foreign terrorists but American citizens, just like they were when the Boston Marathon bomber went unnoticed because at the Boston Area intelligence sharing center (one of the so-called "fusion centers") they were spending their time spying on Occupy, Leftists and environmentalists.

And (b) Edward Snowden was right, and President Obama and half of congress are still lying to us. They do gather intelligence on Americans living in the US, with the programs they say are supposed to be used only to go after foreign terrorists.

The significance of this again, is that they are building up the capability you'd need to enforce a police state. You can say all day long that 'It can't happen here' and you may be right and you may be wrong. We might have a special kind of human nature here in the US that can never be corrupted.

But the point is, the framers didn't even want there to be the capability for a police state to happen here, and that's how they wrote the constitution.