Tuesday, August 06, 2013


I see a plot in the New Mexico Medical Board's rule making to make medicinal marijuana prescriptions hard to write for patients.  This is nothing but big pharma applying pressure to the Docs to make it hard to prescribe the low cost and effective herb to patients that qualify.  I mean if a few brownies take the place of outrageously expensive drugs then corporate profits will slide.   How much longer do we need to put up with this corporate manipulation of everything in our lives?   Am I being paranoid?  Or is having the munchies a threat to our way of life?

I like SciFi because so many current authors and movie makers are seriously looking at whether this is paranoia or if it is actually happening.  The series Continuum on SciFi channel says it is and it studies time travellers coming back to the present era to make sure it never happens.   The upcoming movie, "Elysium" will study the great division of wealth much as "District 9" by the same director studied racial segregation.

And we can all wonder at what kinds of political intrigue aimed at establishing stronger corporate control of government is taking place right now at the Tamaya Resort near Bernalillo.  That is where all those corporate CEOs and right wing pols are meeting in their annual get together.

Yeah, I am paranoid.  I wish more people were.


Bosque Bill said...

Well, if the Tamaya/Koch rumors are true, look for them to select our governor for high visibility. You know how they love to give lip-service to inclusiveness. I'm guessing they want to groom her for VP.

Anonymous said...

Philip K. Dick was ahead of his time. His stories have been turned into movies: Blade Runner, Minority Report to name two. Minority Report dealt with the arrest and prosecution of individuals for what they might do. That is already occurring: police arrest people for suspicion all the time.

Blade Runner dealt with a large corporation that took over society by creating replicants and then destroying them when they got out of control and were no longer useful.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Call it what you want. Alarmed. Frightened. In a heightened state of awareness. Thirty years of increasing corporate power has to lead somewhere, has to result in something. If you're not paranoid you're not awake. You're not paying attention. Simple as that.